Based in Portland, Oregon,  Aubrey Hornor makes sculptural works from earthenware and stoneware clay bodies that are expressions of abstraction, often conveyed as functional or wearable objects, but also as non-functional works, which act as tangible artifacts of nonphysical influence.

There is a loose inspiration behind the sculptural work of natural stone formations and the random contours and compositions that occur throughout them, but process often dictates the final product, allowing the works to occur naturally through improvised manipulation. New forms begin to emerge in the process of non-design and the practice of following spontaneous aleatory impulses.

The jewelry line is intended to create wearable pieces which combine strong lines and subtlety, allowing the forms and textures to be the focal point.


MINNA, Hudson, NY

VVE, Los Angeles, CA

IAMTHAT, Portland, OR

Noord, Kyoto, Japan

Earthen Studio, Nashville, TN

Johan, Portland, OR

ZigZag Wanderer, Portland, OR

MOCA Shop, Tucson, AZ